Calorie and Heart Rate Watch

by Liam

Calorie and Heart Rate Watch
If you want an easier way to monitor your workout without having to be draped in all kinds of wires, this watch could be the perfect thing for you. There are no wires required and you don’t even have to have it taking your heart rate while you’re working out.

When you get the watch you tell it some information which is stored in the watches internal memory. You tell it your age, sex, and weight. It also records the time you registered that information so it can update your age accordingly.

When you begin exercising you just start the internal counter on the watch. From then until the end of you workout you don’t have to do anything with the watch. At the end of the workout you stop the counter and then very lightly touch the sensor. The sensor will take a reading of your heart rate very quickly and easily.

With all of the information regarding your workout such as personal details, length or workout and heart rate the watch can tell you how many calories you burned as well as letting you know what your heart rate was. Overall it’s much easier than many of the other options out there for exercise monitoring.

The Calorie and Heart Rate Watch is available for $49.95 from The Vacation Gadget Man.

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