Get Your Own Virtual Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)


Virtual GirlfriendThis is like an adult version of Tamagotchi, the aim of the game is to bed your virtual partner (okay the aim is to keep him or her happy (and then get your cyber wicked way)).

Each device comes with 8 different potential mates, so if you get bored of one you can treat her mean in the hope of being dumped so that you can move on to your next conquest. Playing the game sounds pretty simple:

The more satisfied your virtual date becomes, the more points you collect and the longer the relationship lasts. Using the three control buttons you can select between gifts (anything from lingerie to deodorant), compliments (oblique or spectacularly blunt), places to go (the jewellers or to the bingo) or, if you’re feeling lucky, wild passion.

Available from Firebox (due to the risqué language this is not suitable for kids). Thanks to the biggest NY Giants football fan I know for the news.

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