Solar Powered, Motion Sensing Security Camera!

by Liam

Solar Powered, Motion Sensing Security Camera!
I’ve written about a few solar powered gadgets, motion sensing gadgets and security/spy cameras in the past, however here’s an amazing gadget which combines all three technologies! This security camera not only powers itself from the sun, it also can be programmed to record or alert you when it detects something moving!

When motion is detected, the camera’s PIR motion sensor immediately begins transmitting video and audio to the receiver. When the receiver receives the transmission it beeps twice then begins flashing an LED light for one minute so you will know when to watch what’s happening.

The camera has a solar panel on it which can power the camera all day as well as charging its internal rechargeable batteries so it can continue working overnight.

It can transmit from up to 250 feet away so probably the only limitation you would run into would be having to keep it outside. The camera transmits at 2.4GHz with a 90° horizontal field-of-view and a 45° vertical field-of-view.

If you want to save electricity by using solar power and by only having your security camera activated while motion is present, you should consider the 2.4GHz Solar Color PIR Camera & Rcvr which is on sale for $159.99. It’s still quite expensive, but the power may eventually balance out. You can get yours from Smart Home.

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SANJAY SHARMA Says: September 15, 2007 at 4:30 am

Sir.What is the detection range of the camera/sensor.Is it possible to use it for border security

koli collins Says: April 14, 2009 at 6:57 pm

is this the camera like the ones being used with the cheaters crew?

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