Robotic Laser Ball

by Liam

Robotic Laser Ball
If you want a fun and interesting way to lighten up a party, this Robotic Laser Ball could be perfect for you! This small little ball features a mini robot inside which flashes lasers and rolls around all over the place. The robot has several LED lights on its arms which make for a great light show.

The ball is activated either by touch or by sound so it would be a perfect gadget to have around music. It can assume the beat of music and adjust its rolling and flashing patterns accordingly.

The Robotic Laser Ball requires 3 AA batteries to function, giving you hours of mesmerising fun! I think I could picture myself just staring at it all day in my room; it would be a great time waster!

In its simplicity it is a really cool gadget. You can pick one up for just £9.95 and start bringing parties to life! Available from Boys Stuff.

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