ScareCrow Sprinkler

by Liam

ScareCrow Sprinkler
If you want a humane, effective, and funny way to get rid of crows or other pesky animals that come onto your property so you can save your garden from being eaten or keep animals out of your garbage you may want to consider the ScareCrow Sprinkler. This automatic motion-detecting sprinkler will help you keep pests off of your lawn, and I think the reaction that you would get from animals when a jet of water suddenly shot out at them would be priceless, not to mention keep them away from your lawn for a long time.

You just have to set it up anywhere in your yard and attach it to your home’s water supply. It requires no external power as it can last for 6 months on a single 9 volt battery! It’s also very water-conserving as one detection only uses 2-3 cups of water.

One ScareCrow Sprinkler can cover about 1200 square feet so it’s easy to detect animals for long distances. If you want to create a mini network of sprinklers to get an even greater effect, however, you can link ScareCrow’s together so you can ensure that everything around your property knows they can’t mess with you!

If you want to start protecting your garden or garbage in this neat and unique way, you can pick up your ScareCrow Sprinkler for $89.00 from Contech Inc.

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Rob Says: January 28, 2008 at 9:54 pm

This device works great to keep vandals off the lawn to keep them from messing with holiday decorations! I also works great to keep the dog away from the bushes and planter.

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