The TruScene Accident Camera

by Liam

The TruScene Accident Camera
This is a really amazing idea for a gadget which makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The TruScene camera is a cool little camera which easily attaches to your rear view mirror so you can find out what really happened to your car while you were away.

The camera continuously records 30 second clips of what’s happening to your car and records over itself so only the last 30 seconds are saved, making it very light-weight as you don’t need to store a lot of footage. Inside the camera is a small g-force motion detector which detects when your car has been bumped in any way. When your car is bumped, the last 30 seconds that were recorded are saved permanently so you can see exactly what happened.

It is attached easily to the front of your rear view mirror, however you also have the option of getting a rear-facing camera as well so you can monitor both ends of your vehicle. The camera is powered via your car’s battery so no external power source is necessary.

The great thing about it is its security that prevents tampering with the video. The video is encoded by the camera so you can play it back to see what happened, however you can’t edit it from your computer. When you get hit and decide to do something about it, you simply upload the clips to the TruScene database and it can stand as legal evidence. Also, the video is water-marked with date, time and even location using the GPS-locator so it is even harder to tamper with and makes the evidence even stronger.

This is a really neat piece of equipment which could get you out of a really expensive hit and run situation. You can even take the camera out and record additional footage of your car’s damage so you can make sure that you get a fair deal.

This really handy system is a little pricey, however, costing £499 and is available from the TruScene website.

Found via Oh Gizmo

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