TV Volume Regulator

by Liam

TV Volume Regulator
I find the most annoying thing about watching TV is when the corporations decide to jack up the volume on their commercials to make us buy their product. I wouldn’t exactly call deafening viewers good advertising, unless of course they’re selling hearing aids ;). Anyway, this gadget easily solves this probably for you automatically!

The TV volume regulator is a device which is attached to your TV and allows you to set the volume you like then just sit back and enjoy your show or movie without having to adjust the volume every time a commercial or a quiet/loud scene comes on. It also ensures that you keep consistent audio quality so you don’t get a lot of feedback.

To set it up, you simply attach the box between your TV and A/V source such as a DVD player, satellite connection or cable box. It requires no input from you so it’s all very easy to use!

I think this gadget would be really handy to have for your TV and give you a more consistent audio output. It is available for $53.99 from Smart Home.

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