AM-FM-TV-Weather Radio

by Liam

AM-FM-TV-Weather Radio
This is a really neat gadget. This alarm clock features not just FM and AM bands, you can also tune into weather bands and even get audio from analog TV stations!

The coolest thing about the gadget is its ability to pick up TV signals. It can pick up signals from analog channels 2-13 and output the audio data so you can get an update on news, sports or whatever you need in the morning without getting out of bed!

It features digital tuning and a back lit display so its very easy to tune into a neat channel. There are also 5 pre-sets available for each band so you can easily flip to your favorite station or channel.

It’s very good power-wise allowing you to use either batteries or the included AC adapter. It requires 4 D batteries to run.

The player is very good for taking with you as it weighs just 1.75 lbs. and is 9″ x 5.25″ x 2.2″ in dimension. The batteries also last for a whopping 250 hours so you could go for long spells of battery use without replacing them!

The AM-FM-TV-Weather Radio is available for $99.99 (a bit expensive in my opinion, however it is quite cool) from Smart Home.

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