Magellan’s Pack-A-Cone

by Stephen

PackaConeMagellan is widely known for its maps, however they also make a wide range of travel supplies, one of these being the Pack-A-Cone.

The Pack-A-Cone is a collapsible traffic cone. When in use, the cone is 16 inches tall, but when in its collapsed form, it is only 2 inches thick and measures 9.5 by 9.5 inches. With those dimensions, it’s easy to store this device in your trunk, glove compartment, under your seat, or about any free spot in your car.

According to Magellan’s website, about 40% of all auto accidents occur when visibility is low, making the Pack-A-Cone’s LED flasher a powerful safety device. The flasher is powered by three triple A batteries, which will run the unit for about 300 hours before needing to be replaced. Batteries are included with the unit. Another use for the flasher would be stick them on deer, so often they dart across roads unseen, wouldn’t it be useful to see them coming from off in the woods.

The unit is constructed of nylon and polyester with a solid polyethylene base, so it should last you awhile. The Pack-A-Cone is available from Magellan’s for about $25 each. Breaking down is always be dangerous, incoming cars may not see you, and having your Pack-A-Cone handy will benefit everybody.

Magellans found via gizwizbiz.

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