BMW Remote Park Assist

by Randal

BMW Remote Park AssistWhat is it about new cars and scuffs? Try as you might to keep that precious vehicle pristine and scratch-free something always seems to happen and mysterious dings show up. Even when you can prevent people from harming your new car nature herself may conspire against you. My father had just bought a new Toyota and was visiting my house in Dallas when we had a freak hailstorm appear from a clear blue sky that produced golf ball sized hail. BMW has introduced a device to aid in this quest for vehicular perfection – a car which can park itself without a scratch, even in the tightest spot in your garage. 

The system uses a camera and multiple sensors located on the car as well as a reflecting lens mounted on your garage wall or near whatever parking space you normally use. The biggest problem I can see initially is that the system doesn’t make a fashion statement like curb feelers. If these sensors don’t glow purple and spin around how do they expect to sell these things used to the bandanna and baggy pants set in five years? At least the cars should be free from parking dents and scrapes. 

I should take this moment to make a confession. Something has been weighing on my conscience and it’s time to relieve a burden from my soul. My wife has a relatively new (2005) Nissan Pathfinder and I put the first scratch on it. Last week as I was maneuvering the lawn mower out of the garage around her car, a bolt sticking out of the thing scratched through the paint and down to the plastic. She is not yet aware of this fact. Oh I suppose it’s only fair because when I bought a new Celica in 1997 she not only got a speeding ticket but put the first ugly black scuff on the pristine white exterior. Being the upstanding type she told me about it immediately. Sorry about the car Honey! 

I doubt the BMW remote park assist would save me from what is no doubt the impending onslaught of spousal wrath but it should at least improve any new car’s chances at remaining new-looking for a long time. 

Check out the remote assist in action here on YouTube. 

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