The Draft Guard

by Liam

The Draft Guard
I know in the winter walking by the front door in the morning can be pretty cold on the feet because of the draft coming under the door. This gadget should eliminate all hot or cool air loss through the door, depending on the season.

The draft guard consists of two pieces of foam covered with tough, durable fabric. The foam is the same foam we Canadians insulate pipes with, so you know it has to be good! The fabric is also easily removed so it can be easily washed.

The two pieces of foam are attached to both sides of the base of the door you wish to guard to provide a perfect seal on both sides of the door for maximum protection. Not only will the draft guard protect from cold or warm air loss, however, it also blocks bugs, dirt, and snow from getting in which can be quite annoying.

The draft guard is also very easy to use. It is easily installed and stays right where you put it with no need to reposition it. It is also simple to cut to fit any size of door.

If you’re worried about the rising costs of energy, this gadget could be essential to lowering the cost of heating or cooling your house. This helpful gadget is available and on sale at Convenient Gadgets for $34.95.

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