Magnetic Coasters


Magnetic Coasters

I’ve recently come across a little pool of magnetic gadgets with this one being the first, Tea and Biscuits Magnetic Coasters.

You might be asking what is the point of a magnetic coaster, well there is a couple that I can think of.

  • When you’re travelling at sea you can use the magnetic coaster to attach to a metal table so that your metal glass (contradiction in terms there) does not fall off when the boat rolls
  • The magnetic coasters can also be used as fridge magnets when not in coaster use

I do prefer the first option :), the magnetic coasters are available from suck. Thanks to New York City sports travel for the tip. They have information on touring Yankee Stadium and other New York vacation ideas (is that a good enough plug for you :)).

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jimar Says: September 21, 2009 at 6:39 pm

can i get the information of magnetic field

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