Asus multimedia monitor

by Paz

Asus multimedia monitor
We’ve already talked about convergence in gadgets where mobile phones increasingly are coming with high resolution cameras, MP3 players and even with an astonishing 8 GB of internal memory.

Now it seems the monitor manufacturers want a piece of the action too. The new Asus PG1191 19 inch monitor comes packed full of extras you wouldn’t expect to see in a conventional monitor.

The 19” LCD screen comes with a 1024×768 resolution and 800:1 contrast ratio, as well as a standard DVI input, but that’s where “standard” ends.

To enable you to watch films, videos and play 3D games without ghosting, Asus have added a so-called TraceFree technology, boosting the response time to 2ms apparently producing a smooth, video-like quality. There’s also some “intelligence” built in the monitor, which can somehow detect what’s being shown on the screen and optimise the display mode, choosing from 5 different modes.

Incorporated into the monitor are:

• a USB 2.0 hub with three ports

• a 1.8 Mega Pixels web camera

• an integrated 2.1 speaker system (two 10-Watt speakers and 15-Watt super bass system)

• ports for speakers and microphone

I don’t know why they didn’t go all the way and feature a built-in microphone, but maybe sound quality was a concern.

But who cares, it’s a cool system and I want one! There are no details on pricing though; so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Found via Product Dose. Other material sourced from BIOS Magazine.

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Fymz Says: April 11, 2008 at 2:12 am

..Loll it is nice thou 😀

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