Mind Control Sensor is a Reality


Brain sensor that allows mind-controlA Massachusetts-based team has developed and implanted a sensor and that allows a man to control objects by thinking.

The trial has been done with Matthew Nagle who was paralysed in a knife attack 4 years ago. The technology known as neuromotor prosthesis (NMP) has allowed Matthew to:

  1. Move a computer cursor to open an e-mail
  2. Play simple computer games
  3. Open and close a prosthetic hand
  4. Use a robot limb to grasp and move objects

The uses of this technology could be of real benefit in the future and the idea of cyborgs could become a reality (just hope they’re not like the Cybermen in Doctor Who). You can read more about it over at the BBC.

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Mind Control Says: October 30, 2006 at 10:20 am

I also saw an article about a monkey playing a simple game on a computer with this kind of technology. The sensor was plugged inside is brain.

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