Lego Art – Han Solo in Carbonite


Lego Solo

In my younger years my two favourite toys (by far) were Lego and Star Wars figures (the originals not that Jar Jar Binks fool). Why I didn’t think of making a carbonated Han Solo out of Lego I’ll never know, fortunately Nathan Sawaya did think of it and made that legendary wall hanging Han.

I did like Nathan’s reasons behind doing it:

Wanting do a Star Wars model, and also wanting to do something never been done before (to my knowledge), I decided to make Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Life size. It took about 10,000 bricks, almost all dark gray, and about three months of on and off building. I built the sculpture so it can break down easily into smaller parts, thus making it mobile. Because, like most people, I like to take large sculptures of people frozen in carbonite with me whenever I travel.

You can see more pictures of the Han sculpture here and all of Nathan’s other sculptures in his Lego Art Gallery. [Found originally on Crib Candy, thanks.]

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