iJoy ZipConnect Massage Chair

by Liam

iJoy ZipConnect Massage Chair
This gadget could be the ultimate toy for all the lazy iPod fans out there. The iJoy ZipConnect Massage Chair has built-in speakers and sub woofer to surround you with sound while you relax in your massage chair.

Included is the ZipConnect module which allows you to connect any audio device (not just an iPod) to the chair with an 18-inch cable. The ZipConnect is also interchangeable with other iPod modules that allow you to play music as it charges so you never miss a beat! Powerful built in stereo speakers are found on either side of the headrest, while the sub woofer gives you all the bass you need from the bottom of the chair.

However this amazing chair doesn’t just play your favorite tunes, you can get a great massage while you listen too with the realistic Human Touch™ Technology. This massaging technique is designed to replicate the techniques practiced by professional massage therapists and chiropractic specialists with smooth rolling, deep kneading, tapping percussion and therapeutic Compression.

I think it could be quite easy to spend hours in this chair if you had the right play list going. They also offer a version of the ZipConnect module which charges your ipod as you listen for an additional $9.95. The chair itself costs a “special price” of $599.95, although I guess some may say there’s no price to be put on your comfort!

The iJoy ZipConnect Massage Chair is available from SharperImage with more images and video.

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