Equaliser watch gadget

by Paz

Equaliser Freq.2 watch

Tokyo Flash definitely make the coolest watch displays. This display is a variation on the equaliser effect, but this new model features a novel 3D look.

 The pixels on the hybrid LED/LCD display bounce up and down just like a real equaliser, but every few seconds the watch display collapses, leaving 2 pixels lit near the centre. These stay in place for a 5 second interval during which you can read the time in minutes and seconds. The manufacturers claim that the watch looks even more impressive than the animated gif shown here. There’s also a calendar in their somewhere, apparently, but you’d have to read the instruction manual to figure out how!

The display is 47mm x 29mm x 11mm in size and the watch itself weighs 130g, which might be a little on the heavy side for some.

The Equalizer High Freq.2 comes with either a black or metallic strap and is only available from the Tokyo Flash website. The price is 18,000 Yen and that works out at about $150, which seems pretty reasonable for such a cool-looking watch.

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