Portable iPod Nano projector

by Paz

Explay Nano projector

Here’s a great idea for an iPod accessory. It’s a mini projector that plugs directly into your iPod and displays an image on a screen as large as 30 inches.

Sure you can transfer your pics and videos onto a computer, but that handy thing about this projector is that it’s tiny and can be carried anywhere, and it’s battery powered too.

 There’s formidable technology needed to pack a projector into such a small casing though, and it’s especially difficult to keep power consumption down to a level where the device can run on batteries.

The projector was developed by a venture capital Israeli company, Explay, who have developed their own high efficiency, scalable laser light source, with an overall target efficiency that is 10 times higher than that of a conventional projector.

The novel optics and electronics was developed under a $2.2 million R&D program between the US and Israel. Amongst the features of the Explay projector are its “low cost”; but we’ll see when it’s released in early 2007.

Found via Sci Fi Tech and Slash Phone (hope it’s ok to use your pic guys!).

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pat gillen Says: July 15, 2006 at 6:45 pm

i’ve thought about this idea before… of course Apple doesn’t accept any unsolicited suggestions… but a more realistic upgrade seems that it would be to put bluetooth on the ipod. this would allow the use of bluetooth headphones, sync your ipod, etc. but you may also be able to connect the ipod to your mac via bluetooth and maybe work with keynote – the ipod could double as a remote for presentations, etc. this seems like a more realistic possibility for the next gen.

then again… they don’t accept suggestions…

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