Nico Mobile Phone

by Stephen

Nico Mobile Phone

Every kid has a mobile phone these days. Children use mobile phone to be cool, take pictures, text friends and call their dad for a lift home. With phone theft on the increase and radiation fears, its no wonder that parents are dubious about giving their child a mobile phone. Where do they get the money from to pay for all the texts they send? I can barely afford to pay for them myself never mind a minor.

Well, with this new phone there is a justifiable reason why parents should buy one for their children. It has a parent-friendly urgent button and to make sure those kids don’t sneak off where they shouldn’t be going, it has a tracking mechanism. Sneaky as it may seem, your child will think it is amazing to have this brand new small phone but it will also give you some sort of peace of mind (as much as you can get anyway).

To make the phone even cooler, you can have your own choice of colour! (Why does everything have about 5 colours?) Anyway, you can choose from blue, green, yellow, pink or chocolate – as if we don’t know that’s just an attractive name for “brown”.
Phones have developed somewhat in the last few years. A phone is no longer about a good signal, easy to use texting and long life batteries. It’s about high definition pictures, high tec games and a camera.

Protect your child and make them happy – until their late teens anyway, then they can buy their own! Found via Gizmodo.

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