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Gadget PowerStationIn my house there always seems to be at least one gadget be it phone, laptop, roomba, iPod, camera, the list goes on. Not only does this mean there is a tangle of cables lying around but I often seem to lose chargers.

The PowerStation Cable Organizer aims to solve these problems, by hiding your chargers and most of the accompanying cables and holds your gadgets in place whilst they are charging. A bit like a ChargeBox for your home.

Product Features:

  • Accommodates up to three devices using adjustable dividers with rubber bumpers that lock in place.
  • Inner power strip supplies power for up to 3 devices
  • Includes an extra short AC cord to accommodate oversized adapters
  • Cable ties included for internal cable management
  • One AC cord from the PowerStation charges all your devices

It looks fairly useful but you will have to find another solution for larger gadgets like roombas and laptops.

The PowerStation Cable Organiser is available from ThinkGeek.

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