Virtual Vision Glasses

by Stephen

Virtual Vision GlassesFlat screen TV’s seem to be everywhere at the moment. Anyone who is anyone will have a 36inch flat screen perched proudly in their living room. But I’m sure you will agree, the prices for these things are extortionate.

Until now, most people have opted for the portable DVD option giving you a great picture that you can take anywhere. That is until I introduce you to the Rimax Virtual Vision Glasses 3.0.

To watch a DVD using these glasses, simply plug in your DVD player and be amazed as you watch the film with an equivalent view of a 36-inch TV screen. Not only can you play DVD’s but you can attach these glasses to your game console or other standard AV products.

No more distractions or squinting your eyes at your portable player. Use these glasses to watch your films when lying in bed or in the bath! Furthermore, if you wear glasses already don’t worry; they will comfortably fit over them. Perfect for car journeys, you will no longer have to out up with people looking over your shoulder when watching it. When using it at home, it won’t take up space like your flat screen TV; you just put it in the drawer!

Just have a look at what they offer:
• Just like viewing a 32-inch screen two metres from the TV screen
• Connect to game console, DVD player or other standard AV products
• Video signals – PAL & NTSC
• Up to 8 hours maximum charge, contains internal battery
• Brightness, volume and contrast controls
• Output DC 9V stable voltage
• Rechargeable battery

All this for £139.95 – Don’t buy your average flat screen, go one step further into the future and get one of these for less money.

Thanks to Lasik Eye Surgery for help with this post.

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cristian Says: July 10, 2006 at 8:16 pm

why a see double with them?i need any kind of soft?

Martha Says: January 25, 2007 at 7:19 am

Do you know if there is another name for Virtual Vision Glasses in the U.S.A.? I had never heard of the device before until I saw it online and I cannot find it anywhere but in the UK. Do you sell an American version?
Thank you.

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