Bug Too digital radio

by Paz

Bug Too digital radio

I’m not sure if digital radio has taken off as well as people had hoped. The only time I listen to the radio these days is when I’m in the car, and to be honest an FM reception would be good enough. 

A sweet-looking gadget like might persuade me to go digital though!

There was big problem for me with digital radio when it was first announced – it was always my view that there just wasn’t the market there to support the expensive upgrades necessary both to the infrastructure and for the consumer.

Digital radio has the advantage in that it can transmit information as well as a crystal-clear reception, but how many of you tune in to the radio these days now that internet broadcasts are available, at a fraction of the cost?

Pure Digital has certainly pushed the boat out with the Bug Too, employing design guru Wayne Hemingway. The specifications are certainly earnest. There’s an equaliser, and you can electronically rewind tracks as well as transfer the MP3 files to your PC via USB. There is also an MP3 alarm, sleep, and timer function, and of course there’s a scrolling display with artists’ names, song titles etc. but I can get all these functions from an MP3 player costing $10.

Hats off to Wayne Hemingway, for sexing up this gadget, but costing £130 each, I think I’ll pass this time.

The Bug Too from Pure Digital. Found via Crib Candy

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