by Stephen

Ice Tankard
With all this great weather we are having, there is nothing nicer than sitting in the garden, watching the world cup with an ice cold beer. Ideal at first but my beer starts to warm up quite quickly in the heat and I have to keep putting it in the fridge to cool it down before I drink anymore – Very frustrating when you hear Beckham near the goal posts.

In this day and age you would think this problem would be sorted with some highly complicated gadget… Well its not. It’s a simple ice tankard made from acrylic glass with a clear, non-toxic gel that freezes into a big ice block around your beer!

It’s as simple as that! Far better than dragging out a mini cooler into your garden, plugging it in and clocking up your electric bill.

This item is sold in packs of two. Why don’t you buy a few sets to give your mates a cool drink when they come over. No doubt they will think it’s ingenious and want some themselves.

If you are worried what your other half might think of this lazy solution, inform her that these glasses can be used for any cool drink. Women are fiercely practical, she will love these. Before you know it, she will be out in the garden enjoying her drink and you won’t even get shouted at for sitting around drinking beer all afternoon.

This is a perfect solution for barbeques, and parties. Even a great gift for someone’s 21st birthday to welcome them to the world of beer! Put some fruit juice in it for the kids and give them all a straw, they will have fun drinking from this (dare I say it) cool glass!

Available from Boys Stuff.

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