USB memory armband

by Paz

USB memory armband

I’m currently compiling the definitive list of pointless USB gadgets, but this one won’t make it because it could actually be useful!

It’s a 1 GB USB memory stick that can be worn on the wrist as an armband. OK it’s looks a little functional; some might say uncool even, but it does have practical uses, especially if like me you’re sometimes doing lots of presentations and keep losing USB sticks in different offices.

The USB memory stick costs €30 from the German manufacturer Zwei Zwei and comes in 2 colours; red and blue.

The stick apparently has a lifetime of 100,000 life cycles, whatever that means, and is USB 2.0 compatible. It comes with a 3 year guarantee and can store data for up to 10 years, which could be useful I suppose, but I can’t thing of a reason why at the moment!

It’s an alternative to a memory stick that fits on a keyring – I have too many keys so I’m seriously thinking about ordering one of these!

Found via Glist (in German).  

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Peter Wolf Says: June 7, 2006 at 11:35 pm

Thank you for the positive feedback to our drive. 100.000 lifecycle means that the drive manages at least this number of accesses to the flash-memory. Last year 10.000 lifecycles where standard.

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