Projection clock with weather forecaster

by Paz

Clock projector with temperature display

When I wake up too early on a working day my mind goes through a series of checks. The first questions would be; “What time is it and how long do I have before I have set off to work?” The next question is usually; “What’s the weather like outside?”

I have a digital clock in the bedroom, but I can’t find out the time without switching on a lamp – and I certainly can’t be certain about the weather without leaving a deliciously warm bed and opening the curtains.

Now there’s a projection clock with a built-in weather station that projects the time and outside temperature on the ceiling.

In the photo above the temperature is show in Fahrenheit but we downloaded the user manual from the website and found out that the unit of temperature can be toggled between Centigrade and Fahrenheit at the push of a button. There are other features too, such as crescendo alarm and automatic setting of time via the US atomic clock.

This is more of a winter gadget though. No one likes to get out of bed and go to work on those cold wintry mornings. With a projection clock that shows the outside temperature, at least you can spend a few more golden minutes in bed to prepare yourself mentally for the journey ahead!

The projection clock with weather display is available from Oregon Scientific. Found via    

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