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Electronic Shaded CurtainsThe only gadget like curtains I’ve seen before are those with little motors that open and close them with a flick of a switch. This may of been cool 10 years ago but now just seems dorky instead of geeky.

The new flexible electronic curtain from Japanese company MicroReactor System Co has got to be the coolest curtain I’ve ever seen (and if it could be combined with LED windows that would be awesome).

Instead of drawing and opening the curtains, these curtains go from opaque to transparent at the flick of a switch. The curtains are very flexible and thin (0.025mm to 0.4mm) and come in a range of opaque colors, white, red, yellow or blue.

The one bit of bad news is that they are not available yet but are planned for release later in the year. The cost is also expected to be some what high with prices up to 50,000 yen (~$445) per m2, ouch.

Found with thanks on i4u.

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manish s. tawade Says: January 21, 2011 at 11:00 pm

Please send me information about electornic curtains.
manish tawade

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