Magic Magnetic Pennies


Magnetic PenniesIf you thought an uncle making a penny appear from behind your ear was magic you’ll be amazed by the Magic Penny Magnet Kit.

The kit combines both science and magic to provide you with some fun experiments (gees you could even say it’s educational).

The Magic Magnetic Pennies kit comes complete with 2 Extra strong magnets, 17 newly minted authentic British coins (not sure why they choose to include 17) and a detailed illustrated instruction booklet of various novel experiments, including:

  • Spin pennies at 1,000 revolutions per minute
  • Build rim-standing sculptures
  • Levitating pyramids
  • Magically move pennies up ramps or over bridges (I think we can guess how that ones done)

It looks like an interesting way to teach children about the forces magnetism, so if you have kids or are often called one (or like me both) check it out at The Gadget Store. It costs £19-95 and you get 17 authentic coins that you could always spend on sweets when you’ve finished playing.

Magic Penny Book

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