Don’t break the bottle

by Stephen

Dont break the bottleEveryone enjoys the odd bottle of wine. When you are going to your friend’s house for a meal you bring a bottle. A great start to the night would to use this wooden wine bottle puzzle to break the ice. You want make your friends work for the expensive bottle you brought! It will be the talk of the party from the start.

The puzzle consists of a few bits of wood, rope and some beads. You have to try and man oeuvre all the different parts so that you can lift the bottle out intact. You may have to move pieces to enable other pieces to move. I am sure everyone would accept this challenge as it’s easier than it looks.

Like any puzzle game, it’s so frustrating if you’re attempting it, but for the people watching, it is hilarious. Everyone will try and help as think they know how to do it, it’s so funny.
When you’re trying to release the bottle, you’ll begin to get desperate for the wine inside and suddenly the name ‘Don’t Break The Bottle’ makes perfect sense. You would do anything to solve the puzzle. This is a great present for anyone who likes to play practical jokes or just enjoys seeing people suffer.

If you happen to be a party pooper and give up, don’t worry, there are instructions included. This puzzle fits around all standard sized bottles of wine. By the time you and everyone else have finished, you will need a glass, maybe two!

If you are not a wine drink, it also fits herb vinegar, olive oil, and pop bottles.

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