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Biometric Protected PCSometime you need access to a PC when it just isn’t practical lugging a laptop around. That’s when a cyber cafe or public PC can really help. However I always feel a bit nervous when entering private information (like passwords) on a public machine, well this little gadget is a real privacy saver, the Bio Computer on a Stick.

The Bio Computer on a Stick is like a regular memory stick with a few extra features. It incorporates finger print technology to prevent unauthorised usage to it’s main function, a full bootable PC. Simply plug the USB stick into a public computer, reboot the machine and it should restart in your own private and clean session (you may need to boot from a CD first depending on BIOS support).

It comes with various popular software packages preinstalled, including:

  • Gnome GUI Desktop
  • Latest Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
  • OpenOffice Suite (compatible with MS Office)
  • Evolution Email
  • Gaim Instant Messaging Client (compatible with MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM, AIM, ICQ, IRC, and more)
  • Remote Access Applications (SSH, VNC, RDP)
  • and you can always install any other applications you may require.

I can see this being really useful on holiday when I want to post to my site without the fear of some little oik getting hold of my log in details. This may overtake the GPS Tracker USB stick as my favourite portable USB device.

You can get the Bio Computer-On-a-Stick from ThinkGeek for $199.99.

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