Home Heartbeat monitoring system

by Paz

Home HeartBeat monitoring system
Did you ever leave for the office in a hurry wondering if you left the iron on or a window open, or even forgotten your rich auntie’s birthday card? Well with a Home Heartbeat system, you needn’t have any more panic attacks because you can just call home to find out the status of every item in the home you hook up to the system. This gadget won a Consumer Electronic Association Innovations Award, and I’m not at all surprised.

It’s a wireless system and modular in design, so you can simply hook up an appropriate sensor to every parameter in the home you care to monitor including:

• Mechanical open-closed sensors

• Water level sensors (with auto shut-off valves)

• Electrical on-off sensors • Power use sensors

• Motion sensors (it can even recognise the leaving and entering of family members).
You can even program it to remind you that the batteries in your smoke detector, wall clock, or remote control need changing. Home Heartbeat electronic key
If you have left the lights on in the morning, it can alert you by sending a message to your electronic key (a beep, flashing LCD, or vibration) as soon as you get 90 feet away from the home. It can also send you an SMS text message or email any time it detects a problem. Can you imagine getting an email from your freezer because you left the door open again?

I couldn’t find a price on the Home Heartbeat website, but I imagine this sort of technology doesn’t come cheap though. If money’s not an issue for you, then you definitely need one of these!

Found via Geek Blue.

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