Shower cabinet with UV sun bed

by Paz

Shower solarium combo unit

Here’s a cool idea; a shower with built-in UV lamps so you can get yourself clean and tanned at the same time.

Even better, there’s a hydro-massage option too.

These luxury shower booths come fitted with 12 to 24 UV tanning lamps so you can get an “all over” tan each morning when you shower. The solarium panels can be retro-fitted to any existing shower cabinet, or you can buy the unit as a whole.

The hydro-massage system is of course the icing on the cake; I have enough problems getting out of the shower some mornings and with one of these units I’d be late for work every day. The manufacturer hints that 10 minutes UV exposure would be “all it takes” as well as pointing out that certain medications can make your skin more sensitive to UV radiation.

Two things worry me though. Firstly, the UV lamps are powered by 240V (110V) mains electricity, and of course in a shower there’s going to be water vapour everywhere. I’m sure the manufacturer has taken every precaution against the risk of electric shock, but I must admit I’d be a little nervous.

The second worry would be the expense of the thing. These UV solarium lamps are VERY expensive but they have a typical lifetime of 10,000 hours, which means if you and your partner are showering up to 10 minutes a day, then they should run for three to four years.

But of course if you shared the shower you’d not only save water and energy (well electrical energy anyway!); you’d double the lifetime of the lamps.

Found via Pop Gadget. Product page.

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