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Tea bag TimerI always find making cups of tea a bit of a bore (which is probably why I’m a coffee and beer drinker), you’ve got to drop the tea bag in, fill it with water, wait an age and then squeeze the bag before dropping it in the bin (whilst dribbling bits of staining tea down the wall on route). Once you’ve made the tea you just know the person you made it for is going to complain that it’s too weak or strong. The best solution to this is get the wannabe tea drinker to make it them self. Alternatively you could get this tea bag timer gadget.

The tea bag timer does what you’d expect with a bit of panache. You attach the tea bag to an arm which is lowered into the boiling water, set a timer for the required length of time you would like the brew to stew and when the time is up the arm lifts the tea bag from the cup leaving a perfect brew. So next time a work colleague asks you to make them a cup of tea you can simply tell them to make it themselves :).

You can get the Tea Bag Timer from Lazy Bone (found via Crib Candy).

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