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Camouflage PantsThis sounds like cool piece of future technology, clothing that you can digitally change the color and design of whilst wearing it. It uses some form of conductive plastic fibres that can switch color in the presence of an electric field.

Technically it all sounds very complicated with the only bit I understood being gooey:

The first step is to melt or dissolve the precursor polymer into a gooey solution.

The researchers then apply a voltage to a special syringe and squeeze the solution through it. This process doesn’t charge the polymer, but helps to evaporate solvents.

As a result, the polymers harden and become tangled together like the strands of a rope.

Polymers extruded by the new method can be lengthened up to about a metre and potentially much longer, the researchers say.

At first, the fibres appear white. If the researchers dip them into a chemical solution that removes electrons, the fibres become conductive and darken to a deep blue. If the researchers apply an electric charge to add electrons, the colour changes to bright orange.

In essence it means you’ll be able to change colors and patterns at the flick of a switch, this could be useful for camouflage clothing with the pattern changing to reflect the background or more importantly a new line in fun and geeky clothing (X-Ray T-shirts anyone). I wonder if Google will monetize this new bit of digital real estate.

Found via and more info on ABC.

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K34 Says: October 25, 2009 at 11:52 am

This is so awesome! I can’t wait until somebody turns this into a fashion statement!

Jen23 Says: October 25, 2009 at 11:57 am

I can already see a new trend starting… Maybe a dress or long skirt made of the same fabric.. all in all this is really fascinating clothing.. what will they think of next? love the site, keep it up!

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