Remote controlled blimp – the kitschiest gadget ever

by Paz
Remote controlled blimp.

As you probably know already, the coolest gadgets team are getting pretty excited about the approaching football World Cup competition, and we’re thinking about starting a gadgets category for Cup football related gadgets, with this cool looking remote-controlled blimp as the first entry.

Even if you’re not crazy about football, I’m sure you can imagine the ironic cheers of appreciation when this gadget takes off during a summer barbeque party in your back garden.

It’s a 3 foot long, helium-filled blimp with a 2 channel remote control to move forward and turn in the air. To add to the kitsch factor, as if it were needed, it comes with a flashing light display and plays 8 different tunes. There are also 7 coloured market pens so you can write your own custom-designed messages for any occasion.


Blimp light display.


I’m not sure if it comes with helium or not, but it’s inexpensive and easy enough to get hold of. Your local car repair garage will have some if they have any welding kit.

You could get it out every year when the kids have a birthday and have their friends around. I can imagine the groans as they get towards their teens; “Oh no Dad, not the blimp again…. It’s sooo embarrassing!”

The remote-controlled blimp at $120 from Amazon.
Found via New Launches.

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Al Says: May 8, 2006 at 3:18 pm

We now have a football gadgets section 🙂

Paz Says: May 9, 2006 at 1:44 am

LOL… I’m sure will fill it in the next few weeks!

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