Satellite navigation madness lands British drivers in hot water.

by Paz

Stranded drivers follow their sat nav systems into a ford.

It seems British drivers are getting into hot water over their blind trust in their satellite navigation systems. Well, they’re landing in cold water actually, as you can see from the photo!

There story, reported by the Times Online, is that dozens of drivers have inadvertently driven into a deep ford because they were following the route indicated by their sat-nav systems. After a major road was closed at the beginning of April, the unfortunate drivers have been diverted down a minor road, not realising that it was taking them through the ford.

The ford is usually a couple of feet deep, but has been known to double that depth after heavy rain. Faithfully following instructions from their GPRS systems, the hapless drivers are ignoring warning signs and getting their feet wet, and their cars stuck.

For local farmers, the phenomenon has been quite lucrative as they are charging £25 to remove the stranded vehicles. Another resident, Mrs Lesley Bennet 59, has been busy tumble drying wet clothes, and having to explain to her husband the presence of men sat around in their underwear!

Crackpot village in Yorkshire.

This isn’t the first time Britons’ blind faith in their satellite systems has potentially got them into trouble. Drivers in Crackpot (I kid you not) were being led along a dirt track along the edge of a 100 foot cliff. Alarmed locals reported that drivers were getting stuck and coming close to the edge of the cliff in their efforts to free themselves. Trafficmaster, the company that makes the Smartnav satellite navigation system has said that they’ve removed the route from their database.

So, at least the Crackpot villagers can sleep safely now – we’re not sure about the idiot drivers!

Hats off to Gadget Spy.

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