Electrocuting Rats with the Rat Zapper


Rat TrapThis is the gadget way of solving rat problems, the Rat Zapper and it’s probably one of the more humane ways of killing a rat (that is if you can call killing something humane).

The Rat Zapper works by enticing a pesky rodent into the electrocution chamber where once detected it is zapped, with no blood and guts to be seen. From a technology point of view what impresses me with this product is that it is able to electrocute 10 rodents using just 4 “AA” Batteries, I wouldn’t of thought they had that much power.

[Rat Zapper found via Wired]

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juliet Says: April 25, 2014 at 1:52 am

Hi can u help me. Where can i buy this gadget. It is effective for the rats.thanks.

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