Kanguru Flash Drive Max 64GB

by Keith

Kanguru 64GB Flash Drive

Since the previous first post on a Buslink 64GB Flash drive, another company, Kanguru Solutions, has also introduced its very own USB 2.0 64GB Flash drive.

The Kanguru Flash Drive Max has various models, with the highest one with a storage capacity of 64GB. Basically, this thumb drive (or flash drive) is no different from other flash drives of smaller capacity, in terms of physical appearance. It is supports file storage on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, without drivers required (except for Windows98 and older).

In addition to the large storage capacity, the Kanguru Flash Drive Max comes with a complete set of KanguruShield security software, allowing Windows users the option of securing the data with password protection. Furthermore, the KanguruShield software allows users to resize and format the flash drive space into public and/or private partitions.

Key Features:

  • Up to 64GB storage capacity
  • Rugged and lightweight design, weighs only 18 g
  • High Strength Aluminum housing
  • High speed USB2.0 (480mbps)
  • Uses Top Grade Flash Memory, 10 year data retention
  • Backwards compatible with USB1.1 ports
  • Plug and Play
  • Includes USB Extension Cable
  • Works with Windows, Macintosh and Linux

For this 64GB monster storage Flash drive, the price is slightly cheaper than the previous one I had introduced earlier. Costing a mere $2,799.95, it can be purchased from the website. The delivery will take approximately one week’s time. Terms and conditions applies.

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John K Says: December 10, 2008 at 6:14 pm

Had the Kanguru Flash Blu 64GB drive for less than a week. Copied 25 – 30 gig of data on it, as I was planning to reformat my laptop. Went to access the drive 2 days later and no matter what computer I put it on, it said the drive was empty and needed to be reformatted!

I was careful in how I used it, making sure that XP disconnected the drive, before I removed it. Still the drive absolutely failed! I tried using the “Drive Rescue” program on their web site and all it did was reformat the drive. Now I have several gigabytes of information I cannot recover, as I have already reformatted my laptop!

Do not rely on this product, or you’ll pay for it!

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