The Super Soaker – Aqua Master Krypton


Water Pistol in Action
Spring and summer have got to be one of my favorite times of year, woman wear less clothes and us blokes have to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from those harmful UV rays 😉 It’s also the season for BBQs and water fights which brings me round to this post, reporting on the Aqua Master Krypton the mother of all water pistols.

Water Pistol Diagram
If you get into a water fight this year you want to make sure you have one of these or be on the same side as somebody who has. The Aqua Master Krypton features:

  • Blasts up to 40ft
  • PreCharge for minimum pumps, maximum power
  • Holds 3.7 litres , that is a lot of wet T-Shirts
  • 3 Adjustable Nozzles >

You can get the Aqua Master Krypton from Firebox for £19.95 or the 2 pistol battle pack for £34.95, I think you’re meant to give one of the guns to your opponent but a gun in each hand may be the drier solution :).

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