The intelligent, robotic guinea pig.

by Paz

Gupi the intelligent robotic gıinea pig.

This is a sweet little gadget that will no doubt thrill children of all ages – myself included!

Let me introduce you to Gupi the intelligent robotic guinea pig. I remember we had a real pet guinea pig when I was a child. It never came out of its box and only moved around when we poked the poor little creature, usually trying to bite us.

I remember the childhood thrill have having such as sweet, cuddly rodent in the home, but these days I could never bring myself to keep a caged pet. But as you’ll see, with a robotic guinea pig you can have something a lot better than the real thing, and be animal-friendly too!

Firstly, Gupi looks the part, and would fool any young child. He’s also fitted with optical sensors that can enable him to mimic actions of a real guinea pig such as moving around with bumping into objects and can even find his way out of maze. He’s touch-sensitive too, and will warm to gentle stroking and petting. He makes 30 different sounds according to how happy or agitated he’s feeling, and with built-in audio sensors he can hear sudden noises and either come and investigate, or run away and hide; depending on his mood.

Feeding time for Guppi.

Every Gupi comes with its own unique signature, and if you have more than one, they can recognise each other and interact.

As if that weren’t enough he will follow a laser beam in his special “carrot” and will actually “feed” on the electrical charge produced by it.

I don’t think £40 is too much to pay for the thrills this will provide for your children! My cheque’s in the post!

Found via iwantoneofthose.

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