R/C Gas Powered Speed Boat


Gas Powered Speed BoatIf you enjoy remote control toys you’ll like this monster speed demon of a boat. The 54 Inch Gas-Powered Remote Controlled Speedboat is capable of speed up to 35 mph which means you’ll be able wreak absolute havoc on your local pond.

The model uses design and technology that wouldn’t be out of place on a regular speed boat, like minimizing the surface area that is in contact with the water in order to minimize friction and maximize speed.

The V24 One-Design speed boat is available from Hammacher and it does have one downside, the price; costing $1,499.95 *ouch*.

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D+H Says: March 27, 2007 at 5:32 pm

You can buy the electric version of this boat in the UK form firebox, it only goes 20mph but for 40 quid fully assembled I’m not gonna pay the extra 730 plus whatever delivery is just for an extra 15mph.
It still beats anything else for that price and I’ve even beaten some nitro boats, that really annoyed some model makers.

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