Spin Dryer Mop bucket


Spin Dryer Bucket
If you find wringing out a mop hard work and you can’t justify the cost of a Scooba you might be interested in the new UltraMat Electro System by German company Vileda, a mop bucket with an electric dryer.

The UltraMat functions and looks like any regular mop bucket but has an added twist (or should that be spin). Instead of having to manually wring excessive water from the mop (or just splash it all over the floor) you can insert the mop in a slot, press a foot pedal and let the generated centrifugal force dry the mop for you.

There’s actually a video of it in action on the Vileda site and it looks odd to say the least, but then again making a gadgety mop or bucket is a mean feat in itself.

[Available from Vileda found on Strange New Products]

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