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IBM Magic Block
IBM are an innovative company but they seem to of been out of the limelight in recent years. I’ve just read about an interesting new product they have in development called the IBM Magic Block. The name Magic Block didn’t fill me with confidence however what it does sounds pretty cool.

The IBM Magic Block is a personal sound recorder, you turn it on, sit it on your desk and it will record all of the days interesting arguments with your boss and flirting with your secretary. Okay not that interesting so far but it doesn’t stop here. After you’ve recorded your day’s ramblings, you are able to search for conversations using IBM’s voice recognition technology. To protect privacy and sensitive information access is protected by a embedded fingerprint-recognition reader.

The Magic block can even differentiate between voices, which should let you do searches like: Find where my boss says “I know it’s a hack but do it anyway” or when your girlfriend says “Okay I forgive you, I’ll never mention it again”.

[Made by IBM found via Yanko Design]

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