Windows Live Search

by Keith

Windows Live Search

As far as online search is concerned, Google remains top on the list for most people. This has been the choice of many because of its fast search engine, enabling it to display result as quickly as possible. However, things are going to change as Microsoft is coming up with its very own Windows Live Search (still beta version), which would offer more relevant search results.

Announced by Neil Holloway, declaring that the new search engine will be twice as good as Google and that in six months, the current leader of the online search market will have to take its competition very seriously.

Currently, Windows Live Search is already available online at, joining the growing list of products and services that Microsoft are also offering, to compete with its rivals.

At first look, you may wonder why the site looks empty, with only a blank page with a search field. Well, that could possibly be part of Microsoft’s tactics, after carefully studying Google, that part of their success is due to the fact that all users care about is into search.

As soon as you type in your search query, things become a bit more complicated, similar to Google. Windows Live Search will return a list of urls considered to be relevant for the term you’ve introduced, but also displays in the upper side, a series of tabs which are supposed to help you search other domains. Some of these tabs are News tab, Images tab, Local tab and Feeds tab.

The interface is completely very different, compared to MSN search. It has a scroll bar that allows you to scroll down the results, just like you would flip the page in Google. On the downside, if you aren’t too focus, there is possiblity that you may miss your target.

Finally, with Windows Live Search on the way to its launch, Google must be getting back to their drawing board, to create some other ideas.

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