Two iPod cases you can’t buy

by Tiago

iPod Retro Case
If you can’t buy these iPod cases why bother reading? Because you can do it at home.

The RetroPod was made by John Young, and this creation cost him a Cease and Desist letter from Sony. He used one of those big old Sony Sports Walkman that have the special characteristic of being waterproof, and just inserted the iPod in there with some other stuff for protection.

What are the cons of this case? – It’s big, it’s heavy, there is no way to to access the iPod controls besides opening the case.

What are the pros of this case? – It looks damn good.

The story behind the C&D letter is boring but I’ll talk about it. After 12 months of working on the case, John tried his luck and created a store to sell these beauties. He says the RetroPod was a hit Japan with lots of orders, and he got media coverage as well. A month and a couple of weeks later, the Sonny letter was in his mail asking to stop selling the used cases. A story with a dramatic end…
iPod Retro Case

A RetroPod photo shoot used for promotion is still available, check it out in this Flickr Set. For more information visit

The other iPod case that can’t be bought but has a terrific look, is the Furry Monster Case, or Domokun iPod case if you’d like – made by a user called “cookiedough” at forums. With inspiration from the Domokun toys, cookiedough made this case for her boyfriend as a gift, but I’m almost sure this could also be a hit if it was available to the public. There is a bonus that comes along:

Best thing of all is that the navigation wheel of the ipod works through (thinner) fabric–hence the monster’s belly. When the ipod is playing the transparent, red vinyl glows a great hot pink.

Check the material needed and follow all the steps to create one Domukon iPod case your self, in this thread.

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