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Self Heating Coat
It’s been a bit of a cold winter here in the UK (not that I feel it as I’m from up north :)) , the remedy to which could be this stylish 😉 Self-Heating Electric Waistcoat. Central Heating for your body without having to eat a yucky breakfast cereal.

For the fashionably challenged you can wear the waistcoat as an outer garment but for those with a shred of fashion sense you can wear it under your usual attire.

Heated Gloves
Functionality wise it’s pretty impressive as it can heat up to 40 degrees in 5 minutes and amazingly is powered off 6 * AA batteries, though how long they last is unknown. You can also get Self-Heating Electric Mittens for those who really can’t stand the cold, though they’d probably be a bit useless in a snowball fight.

Available from Maplin, 30UKP for the waistcoat and 20UKP for the gloves, which is pretty reasonable IMO.

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