Fastest Consumer 3D Graphics Processor (GPU) from HIS

by Keith


Hightech Information System Limited (HIS) has delivered the latest Gamers’ gadget last week, promised to bring thrills and adrenalin rush down those fast 3D game enthusiasts. Introducing the HIS X1900XTX, HIS X1900XT and HIS X1900 CrossFire Edition graphic cards, the fastest 3D graphics processor available right now, known to be the fastest GPU on the planet.

Delivering maximum graphical detail at extreme ultra-high frame rates, the HIS X1900 is designed with the state-of-the-art technology, incorporating the complex high-speed architecture within the graphic card itself, which includes ultra-threaded engine for unparallelled sheer top performance.

Built on the advanced 90nm micron process, it ables the 48 pixel shader processor to run the highest clock speed, ruthlessly utilising the efficient ultra-threaded pixel shader 3D architecture. Of course, as expected, it is totally ideal for physics and data parallel processing.

With the bleeding-edge hardware available, users could realise the dream of watching High-Definition images coming to life (with 1 billion colours). This card should carry a price on its head, for any other graphics card manufacturer to break the title of being the Fastest 3D GPU on the planet.

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