The End of Driver Discs?


Wireless USB AdapterYou know how annoying it is when you’re trying to install that old piece of hardware but you can’t find the driver discs, you could always connect to the NET to download the latest versions but what happens if the hardware is your modem. Problems like this could be a thing of the past if all USB devices were like the wl-117 Wireless Network adapter.

Wireless network adapters are generally 2 a penny these days and there’s not much to distinguish one from another. The wl-117 though is a bit different, as it is a Self Installing Adapter. All required drivers are actually stored on the device so the first time you plug it in the drivers are copied over and installed on your machine. It’s a simple idea and I’m surprised I’ve not see it before, as the prices of flash drives continue to fall I can see this becoming more popular in other types of USB devices.

You can buy the wl-117 – Wireless Network USB Self Installing Adapter from NetGadgets.

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