CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Items

by Anita

I have always been a fan of criminal investigations all the way to the Quincy series and wished I could get my hands on some of those gizmos and gadgets that are used to solve crimes. Well, now that is possibly or will be soon. These cool gadgets below are due to be released on June 2, 2006.

This first gadget is the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Facial Reconstruction Kit. You can use the kit and follow the guidelines that are used by investigators on the television to solve to solve a crime. In the kit, you will receive a blank plastic skull. You will use modeling clay and four plastic sculpting tools that come in the kit to rebuild any missing features. There is also a nose, eyes and other facial features that you will have to add. The instruction manual will give you systematic instruction so you can solve the crime and learn who the “John or Jane Doe” really is, or at least what they look like. The price of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Facial Reconstruction Kit is only £19.99

Another great CSI: Crime Scene Investigation item is the Forensic Lab Kit. This kit does contain chemicals and is only available to people over the age of 18. Included in the kit are a microscope, a fingerprinting kit, and chemicals needed. The kit will sell for £44.99.

The next kit is the CSI: Entomology Kit. Entomology is used to determine the time and place in which a crime was committed. With this entomology kit, you will not examine any crime scenes but you will use insects to see how they develop and learn about their life cycles. The kit includes an insect guide, insect log, magnifying glass, forceps, aspirator, insect attracter, scoop & sifter, large sifter, flexible net and a case to carry all of your cool new tools. This kit will sell for £49.99

Last but certainly not least is the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation DNA Laboratory Kit. This kit also contains chemicals and will only be available for people over age 18. With this kit, you will learn the principals of DNA Analysis and how it helps CSI to solve the case. The kit includes a magnetic mixer, electrophoresis, a centrifuge, chamber test vials, ink samples, DNA stain (fabricated to look like real DNA) and even more. This kit will sell for around £44.99

You can find all of these CSI kits online at forbiddenplanetstore.com

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Danielle Says: June 24, 2009 at 12:29 pm

how to I purchase the lab kit. I want the stuff they work on for the lab

Eoin Says: April 22, 2010 at 12:07 pm

The link above doesn’t work so what should I do

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