Watch Recorder

by Anita

This watch recorder is the perfect functional watch for any spy or wanna be spy. It comes complete with a voice recorder with multi-media player and integrated 256MB flash memory. It is really a MP3 player that is handsomely disguised as a watch.

This watch recorder will record almost nine full hours of voice recording. You can even upload or download and play your favorite MP3’s. You will love playing back the information that you recorded and listen to it privately with the stereo earphones or your Window’s media player.

It also has an internal rechargeable power system. The separate battery power for the watch itself will always still keep time even if you have recorded the full 9 hours of conversation.

The microphone is positioned cleverly that no one will see it and will record your voice or others that you are talking with very clearly and concisely. No other background noises will be heard unless they are very loud and you will still be able to hear the important voices throughout the conversation.

This would be a great watch for investigators, police officers, students to take notes during the professors boring lecture, or for an executive that would like to record a business meeting.

Features of the watch recorder include the 256 MB flash memory, 520 minutes of recording time to be exact, around 9 hours of battery life after it is fully charged, the use of a USB port for playing back the recording or for charging, an AC adapter, and MP3 compression. The operating system will need to be windows98/ME/NT/2000/XP or above.

Included with the watch recorder are the stereo earphones, AC adaptor, USB cable, windows 98 driver, and of course the instructions. You can find this cool spy gadget online for about $200.00USD.

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