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Audex is a line of winter jackets that were created in a partnership between the cellphone manufacturer Motorola and the clothing maker Burton.

Now, you must be wondering what in the world can these two manufacturers create together that will be a skiers or snowboarders dream. The answer is Audex. The jacket has a hidden network of wired and wireless connection that will give you the freedom to talk on your cellphone or listen to your favorite tunes on your iPod while you are out and about in the cold winter weather enjoying your favorite winter sports.

There are speakers and a microphone sewn directly into the collar that will pipe sound to and from Bluetooth compatible phones and any other device. You will even be able to enjoy private listening with the small headphone jack that is placed near the collar.

On the wrist of the Audex, is a large panel that has an LCD screen with features such as caller ID and track controls. This way you can take the call if you wish or skip ahead to listen to a different song. It is so easy to operate you can do it wearing those big, thick, warm ski gloves. You can remove all electronics when you need to wash the jacket.

If this is your dream jacket for when you are out trekking in the cold weather or to wear during your favorite winter sports you will be able to find one at many ski specialty stores. There are at this time a variety of three different jackets to choose from the lightweight cargo jacket, a warm down jacket and a midweight duffel jacket especially for women. You can choose from black, khaki, blue and red, for the women the duffel jacket comes in mocha plaid. The cost of the Audex is around $600 and in the UK is available from Burton.

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